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HVAC UV Light Installation

Science has proven that the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunshine are powerful germ killers. It’s now possible to harness the natural power of ultraviolet light and utilize this super cleaning force within living and working spaces. A safe and easy way to add UV lights is to use them within your home or office’s HVAC system. There they can improve overall air quality and protect your family and employees from harmful pathogens.

Benefits of Using Ultraviolet Lights

Are HVAC UV lights worth it? UV lights work to clean interior air in ways that filters just can’t. Here are a few ways that they are superior:

Reduce germs and allergens.

Powerful UV lights work to eliminate viruses, bacteria, common allergens, mold, and fungus from your HVAC system. Contaminants can lurk deep within coils and air ducts and often aren’t trapped by filters. But with the right application, UV light can find and destroy them. Paired with a routine cleaning of interior spaces, this means lower allergy issues and reduced illness.

Eliminate odors.

In a standard filtration system unwanted odors from tobacco, paint, and burned food are often circulated. But UV light has been proven to remove the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that transmit these odors, getting rid of contaminants and making the air in your home or office more pleasant to breathe.

Improve efficiency and airflow.

Dirt, pollutants, and other debris can build up in ductwork, pipes, and cooling coils, interfering with an HVAC system’s operation. UV lights help to remove these contaminants and reduce the system’s workload. Airflow is clear and the system runs cleaner, so you will likely see less need for maintenance or repair.


Ultraviolet Lights and Germs

Bactericidal and virucidal UV lights have been used to disinfect air and surfaces for over a century and are routinely utilized in hospitals and healthcare settings. They operate at a specific wavelength that damages a pathogen’s genetic material, destroying the molecular bonds that hold them together. UV lights can stop even very aggressive viruses from reproducing, which immediately slows the spread.

Does UV Light Kill COVID-19?

Research is still being done on using UV light to kill COVID-19, but initial results are promising. Certain criteria have to be met for a lamp to be powerful enough to kill viruses, and some types of metal ductwork can actually help strengthen UV’s germ-killing effects. The professionals at 72 Degrees® Air Conditioning and Heating are up on the latest information and can help you to make the best choice when incorporating UV lights into your HVAC system.

Bactericidal Ultraviolet UV Light

Does UV Light Kill Mold?

Ultraviolet light can kill mold in the air and on surfaces. It's effective at treating the mold you know about, and can help kill mold, including airborne spores, that you can't see. UV-C light takes 1 to 2 hours to kill 99.9% of the mold.

Choose Your Local Experts

Adding UV lights to your HVAC system will be an initial investment. But for those in your family or workforce with serious respiratory conditions or acute allergies, the health benefits are well worth it.

Tinmen Mechanical 72 Degrees® Air Conditioning and Heating are HVAC contractors servicing the Cleveland, Ohio area and are proud to offer UV light installation. We install UV lights from popular brands such as Lennox, Air Scrubber, and iWave. We can also recommend premium filters and take steps to properly seal ducts, further reducing possible contaminants. With a high-quality filter and powerful, long-lasting UV lights working together, you’ll be able to maintain clean, easy-to-breathe air in your home or office.

If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality, comfort, and health while helping to extend the life of your HVAC system, UV light installation could be the answer. Call Tinmen Mechanical 72 Degrees® Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more. Our technicians are happy to help our Cleveland, Ohio area communities take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Interested in financing? Just ask. Reach out today!