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Modern Controls

When you’re looking for solutions for heating and cooling in Cleveland, you need a responsive system that offers enhanced efficiency, saves energy, and provides advanced controls. These modern temperature controls – AKA “smart thermostats” – allow you to maintain the perfect temperature in your home at any time of day. 


What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a handy device that automatically adjusts your heating and cooling systems. It is linked to your HVAC system and is accessible via an online app. The reasons for using a smart thermostat could be to fine-tune energy use and save money. You might also enjoy the convenience of being able to alter your home’s indoor environment anytime, from anywhere. 

These devices can become relatively complex, programmable to the tiniest detail, and they can also use sensors and AI to simplify the process by learning your family’s heating and cooling habits. Since they are generally already linked to a wireless device, they can also determine when you are home, based on your device’s location, a feature known as geofencing. 

Many smart thermostats offer unique shapes, a responsive touchscreen, can send alerts, and can sync with other devices to create a clear picture of your HVAC’s total energy use. Once you have that data and are aware of where in the day or night you could scale back heating or cooling, you could be on your way to saving on annual energy costs. Smart thermostats take a large part of the guesswork out of managing your home’s HVAC schedule. They can also draw on available weather data to ensure that your home is always ideally heated or cooled.

Here are a few models of programmable thermostats that 72 Degrees® Air Conditioning and Heating recommends:


Google’s thermostat includes built-in AI technology that allows it to learn your family’s heating and cooling preferences for one of the most hands-off approaches to efficient HVAC usage. Check out a few of its other features:

  • Circular, streamlined, metal exterior with a large, sharp display screen
  • Auto-Schedule learns the temperatures you like and programs accordingly
  • Early-on incorporates your temperature preferences with current weather conditions
  • Auto-shutdown prevents heating or cooling an empty home
  • Wi-Fi capability allows for remote operation from a mobile device
  • Energy history helps you to analyze past energy usage and any key variables
  • Nest Leaf icon guides you to more efficient and conscious energy decisions
  • Safety alerts warn if indoor temperatures reach a dangerous extreme
  • Occupancy sensors engage when someone is nearby, lighting up the unit and sharing the time, temperature, or weather

If specific rooms in your home require more consistent temperatures or are frequently too hot or cold, an additional Nest Temperature Sensor (sold separately) can help to regulate those extremes. Nest’s advanced smart thermostat is widely compatible with various HVAC systems.


The heating and cooling experts at Carrier have developed the ecobee Smart Thermostat to help homeowners capitalize on indoor comfort and energy savings. Here’s a rundown of what it offers:

  • Smooth, rounded pod with a clear, intuitive display
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party smart home platforms, allowing for voice control (Alexa or Siri)
  • Built-in air quality monitor alerts you to lessened indoor air quality and gives simple steps to improve it
  • Humidity monitor automatically adjusts for “feels like” temperature
  • Occupancy sensor ensures indoor temperatures are ideal when you’re home
  • Schedule Assistant uses AI technology to optimize comfort settings based on usage and weather conditions
  • Annual energy savings of up to 26%
  • Wireless, remote access gives you control anywhere, from any mobile device
  • Music streaming capabilities via a built-in Bluetooth® speaker and Spotify® account

Optional SmartSensors monitor the temperature in problem areas to regulate temperature extremes and maintain a comfortable constant. If you opt for a whole-house ecobee system, it can also incorporate smoke detection and security alarm alerts. A pared-down version is available for those who simply want to benefit from programmed temperature control.

Honeywell Home T9

This smart thermostat includes features common to the best models on the market:

  • Sleek, low-profile wall unit with large, clear display
  • Wi-Fi capabilities offer top-notch remote sensing technology 
  • Reliable performance and integration with various smart home platforms
  • Senses indoor humidity, making adjustments for ideal comfort
  • Occupancy sensors prioritize comfort where you are in your home
  • Geofencing capabilities automatically adjust system settings to reflect your “home” and “away” times

Additional options, like a Smart Room Sensor, can help to eradicate hot or cold spots and keep rooms consistently comfortable and stable. The Honeywell Home can also be incorporated into a whole house system for even more security and automation.


Things to Know About Modern Temperature Controls

While modern temperature controls are ideal for making indoor comfort an automated feature of your home, they don’t work for every heating and cooling system. Homeowners who rely on heat pumps, electric resistance heating, steam heat, or radiant floor heating aren’t able to incorporate smart, programmable thermostats at this time. These technology-driven thermostats are intended for use with traditional forced-air HVAC systems.

One key consideration that you can be sure the expert team at 72 Degrees® Air Conditioning & Heating will account for is system compatibility. Though most models work with most HVAC systems, there are some limitations. We will ensure that your desired smart thermostat works with your current or replacement HVAC system. If you want your new thermostat to be part of an existing smart home system, then you’ll want to opt for the recommended model that will work seamlessly with your security, monitoring, and safety systems.

It’s also a good idea to access your family’s tech savviness when deciding on a thermostat model. Choosing one that includes the features you’re looking for but also has an-easy-to-use display is your best bet.


What Is The Best Smart Thermostat?

Since every system is different, and every homeowners’ needs vary, there isn’t any one ideal smart thermostat. That said, the above three brands have worked well for our clients, and we would recommend them. We work with each client to assess their energy needs, their current HVAC system, and then find the best solution to address their concerns. 


Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

 If a smart thermostat can be incorporated into your current or   replacement HVAC system, whether it is worth it depends on your   needs, wants, and concerns. It is a practically hands-off approach to       conserving energy, analyzing usage habits, and making the smartest   decisions regarding energy use. Automated learning helps to save   money over time, and remote technology allows for access anytime,       anywhere. Many models can also connect to a larger home security   system. If these features are important to you, then yes, opting for a   smart thermostat is a worthwhile investment.

  Whatever you decide, know that the professionals at 72 Degrees® Air   Conditioning & Heating can accommodate your HVAC needs. We aim   to be your go-to resource for all things heating and cooling in Cleveland. If you’re planning a new, custom HVAC system, it’s the ideal time to include programmable controls in your home.


 Contact us today to learn more about the modern temperature controls we offer and to schedule your free consultation. We can visit any property in Mentor, Cleveland, Medina, Cuyahoga County, and Summit County, Ohio, and the nearby areas.